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    Sultanate Ep 033: Arabian Sands with Tom Ordeman

    February 15, 2019

    Arabian Sands, Tom Ordeman, Wilfred Thesiger

    Imagine yourself on a cold, flat, desert plain surrounded by sharp towering dunes, days from anything that resembles a village. It’s winter, so your feet ache as the soft sand sucks the heat out of your soles, yet the only thing you care about at the moment is eating your breakfast, freshly prepared desert bread, baked in the charcoal fired sand oven. With you are a dozen or so friendly Bedu that you hired to guide and protect you as you become the latest in a handful of westerners to ever cross the treacherous Rub’ al Khali. Continue Reading

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    5 Must Read Histories of Oman

    Tom Ordeman, Jr. joined me on episode 33 of the Sultanate podcast, and left us with a gift: a list of five riveting historical reads related to Oman. It is an eclectic grouping of…

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    Sultanate Ep 031: Ashura

     Ashura is a significant occasion for all Muslims, but it is particularly important for Muslims practicing the Shia branch of Islam. Little known to outsiders, Shias in Oman quietly observe this occasion openly…

    October 10, 2018
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    On March 20, 2018 I lost my best friend Jeff Brown unexpectedly. It’s been a trying time to say the least, remembering all the good times. There are so many way to memorialize or…

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