How to Tie an Omani Massar

November 15, 2015

When I first came to Oman I didn’t know how to tie an Omani massar, naturally.  I am not Omani, but I do like the look and practicality of the massar. There are so many ways a massar can be tied, and really there is no right or wrong way to tie it.  Often times Omani men wear a kuma cap underneath their massar to give a more squared and finished look to their massar.  Other times a massar is tied in a more casual and simple way. 

A massar, and how it is worn by the man, doesn’t necessarily indicate which region of Oman the man is from like an Omani women’s dress does; but I swear I can spot a bedouin man by the way he wears his massar. Or, maybe that’s just me.

I have learned that a massar always starts with a folded triangle, just like in the video. After this first triangle step almost anything can go, and usually does.  The video above should give you a good idea and starting point on how to tie an Omani massar.

I found this video about 5 years ago when searching for information on how to tie an Omani massar for my own reference.  The massar in the video is tied in a more simple, bedouin way. A great place to start before you move on to more difficult ties.

The dishdasha, an Omani men’s traditional dress, doesn’t offer a whole lot of options for individuality or creativity.  But that’s ok, because young Omani men are free to do as they please when it comes to a kuma or a massar, within reason.  In this video alone you can spot 7 different styles and colors of massars on the young men.

I later met the kiwi guy, Greg, in the video and became friends with him. Also, there are two other voices in the video who are my current colleagues at work.  Oman is a seriously small place.

How do you tie your Omani massar?  Leave me a comment below.

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  • Reply Loren May 31, 2016 at 1814

    What material are the masars made of?

    • Reply D. Michael May 31, 2016 at 1826

      Mostly they are made of wool, but some are made of cotton. Thanks for your question Loren.

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