5 Year Anniversary

May 1, 2016

5 Year AnniversaryToday marks my five year anniversary in Oman. Above is one of the first images I captured in Oman on the morning of May 2nd, 2011; so it’s a fitting featured image. After five years, and looking forward, what does the future hold for me?

I have no bloody idea!

I came to Oman on a one year contract, and have renewed annually. Every year came and went and there really wasn’t a compelling reason to leave, so I stayed. I have a decent job, and great group of friends, a whole country to explore, and cheap fuel to help me out. But this is the first year I can see a finish line ahead.

I have always wondered why I didn’t meet many western expats on their 7th or 8th year. Mostly I’d meet expats in their first three years of residence, or on their 20th. Kind of an inverted bell curve.

But, why do most western expats leave Oman after about 5 years? To me it’s not 100% clear, but my hypothesis is fatigue.

We get tired and long for something different, something more exciting. We get tired of  the cultural differences between our host country and our home country. Luckily we aren’t tied down, and can leave port for more open waters.

For me personally I’m still very excited with Oman and exploring new places, but soon, maybe next year, I feel the need to have a change of pace. But what will it be?

Return to California? Move to London? Travel through South-East Asia? Find another job in the ME? Take a year off and travel?

I have no bloody idea, but I’m excited to see what shakes loose. Something good will come, InshAllah.

What do you think? What would you do after 5 years of teaching in the Middle East? Leave me a comment below:

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