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12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

August 28, 2016

12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

Summers are long in Oman, May through September, and the heat can still continue outside of this period. Even if the temperature isn’t hot, you can expect a considerable amount of sun. Perfect for sunbathing, and laying out by the pool. Muscat has a number of swimming pools in the area that you can enjoy, even if you are not a hotel guest. Below is my list of 12 Muscat area swimming Pools to cool you down and keep you entertained for an afternoon. 

The list includes all the important information you need to know: website, contact info, fees, open times, if food and alcohol are available, location map for each pool, and of course my commentary. UPDATED January, 2018.

D’s List of 12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

1. Al Nahda Resort

I have not visited this pool, as it is a bit of a hike from Muscat. I thought to not include it in my list of muscat area swimming pools, but I hear it is a nice pool and location, so it remains. If you have been, send me your thoughts.

2. Capital Area Yacht Club (CAYC)

Well, there is no pool here and the yacht club, but maybe you are looking for a good place to swim in the sea, in Muscat, in your bikini, without offending the locals. This is a good place for that. The beach is nice and it’s now more quiet than it used to be because they do not serve alcohol anymore. Last note: it’s a bit rundown, but you get what you pay for… still worth it.

3. Crowne Plaza

This pool has the best view of all the Muscat area swamping pools, hands down. You will find lots of lounge chairs available and a nearby bar. (Actually the pool at al Husn hotel, pictured above, has the best view, but they don’t allow outside guests.)

4. Dolphin Village

Update March, 2017 – The Dolphin Village is no longer open to outside guests. During my last visit to the bar I noticed a huge sign saying that outside guests must be introduced to reception by a resident of Dolphin Village. Sorry guys, it’s a real shame.

Want to feel what it was like to be an expat in Oman during the 90’s? Dolphin Village is unique on my list of Muscat area swimming pools as it’s the only pool on the list not geared towards tourists. They recently completed a renovation and revamped the payment system, so gone is the bleak 70’s architecture and frustrating bar chits. You’ll find many expat families here enjoying the afternoon at the pool. The best value on the list.

4. Park Inn by Radisson

What the Park Inn has going for it is the location and the view. Centrally located and the view is pretty decent considering the distance to the sea. However, the ever expanding city is always threatening that vew. The major downside to this pool is noise from the Sultan Qaboos Highway. So, maybe not the best choice if peace and quiet are your top priority.

5. Grand Hyatt

Parking can be a bit difficult at this hotel, but besides that you have a wonderful pool right next to the beach. The best feature is the restaurant adjacent to the pool serving up expensive, but tasty asian specialties. Nasi Goreng anybody?

6. Intercontinental

You might be fooled to think you are on some tropical island if you you had a few too many to drinks at this pool, because it is surrounded by a lovely garden and palm trees. Try the nearby restaurant, Tomato, they serve up a good pizza pie.

7. Marina Bandar al Rowdha

Here is the only pool on my list of Muscat areas swimming pools that is free! That’s right, go to the Blue Marlin Resturant for lunch and spend the afternoon at the pool. This pool is my pick because it overlooks the marina, has reasonably priced drinks, and an expansive food menu. What more do you want?

8. Muscat Hills Resort (previously Oman Dive Centre)

This place might not be the best choice for 2017 because there is a lot of loud construction going on nearby. In the past you would be able to find every young western expat spending a weekend afternoon here, but this changed with the new ownership and fee hikes. The pool itself isn’t much to write home about size wise, but the new remodel spruced it up. The bay and the beach are ok. However, the beach bar and lounge area is fantastic and truly relaxing as long as the construction is off for the the day.

9. The Platinum

The only rooftop pool on my list of Muscat area swimming pools. This pool is small, but it is shaded so maybe it’s a good place to visit in the dead of summer.

how beat the heat in Oman, al husn pool10. Radisson Blu

The Radisson does a good job with this pool, it has a lovely infinity edge and waterfall. I see tourists sitting out in the many lounge chairs all times of the year. Over the course of Ramadan 2016, the pool underwent a major refurbishment so this pool is fresh and ready for use. If you are looking for a hotel with a pool the stay at, that isn’t too expensive, consider the Radisson Blu because there are so many great please to eat off-site, within walking distance.

11. Shangri-La

Here is the top of the range, but what do you expect from the Shangri-La? You can visit their pools as an outside guest, but it’s going to cost you. Twenty five Omani rial will get you access to two pools that are connected by a freaking lazy river! Oh, and you get lunch for that, and access to the beach. I guess you get what you pay for.

12. Sifawy Boutique Hotel

By far this pool is the farthest away on my list of Muscat areas swimming pools, but if you are up for a pleasant drive, swim and lunch, you might fancy Sifawy.

* Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex

While this pool doesn’t meet my criteria for a Muscat area pool where visitors can swim, some expats might stumble upon this post looking for places to lane swim. Located in the Bousher district, Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex has an olympic size swimming pool for members to use. The cost is 45 OMR for six months, but you must be a resident of Oman. There are no day pass options.


Which one of the Muscat area swimming pools fancies you most? Leave me a comment below.

12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools Table

Al Nahda Resort+968 26883710Adults 10 OMR, 0-12yrs 5 OMR6am-6pmYesYes
Capital Area Yacht Club (CAYC)+968 24737712Adults 2 OMR wkdays, 3 OMR wkends, kids free7am-11pmYesNoBeach only, food only on wkends
Crowne Plaza+968 24660660Adults 10 OMR, kids 6 OMR7am-9pmYesYes
Dolphin Village+968 24591557Adults 3 OMR, kids 2 OMR wkdays; adults 5 OMR, kids 3 OMR wkends9:30am-8:30pmYesYesUpdated March, 2017 - This pool is now open only to residents and guests of residents. Bummer.
Grand Hyatt+968 24641234Adults 10 OMR, kids 5 OMR9am-9pmYesYes
Intercontinental+968 24680000Adults 10 OMR, kids 5 OMR6am-9pmYesYes
Marina Bandar al Rowdha+968 24740038Free with patronage9:30am-11pm weekdays, 8:30am-11pm weekends
Pool closes 6pm
Muscat Hills Resort (previously Oman Dive Centre)+968 24853000Adults 10 OMR, kids 5 OMR9am-6pmYesYesalso beach, which may be better than the pool
The Platinum+968 24392500Adults 5 OMR, kids 3 OMR6:30am-8:30pmYesNo
Radisson Blu+968 24487777Adults 6 OMR, kids 1 OMR6am-9pmYesYespool free during Friday brunch
Shangri-La+968 24776666Adults 25 OMR, kids 15 OMR, 0-6yrs free9am-6pmYesYespackage, includes lunch
Sifawy Boutique Hotel+968 24749111Adults 17.5 OMR, kids 10-12yrs 7 OMR, 0-10yrs free9am-6:30pmYesYespackage, includes lunch
Park Inn by Radisson+968 24507888Adults 5 OMR, kids 2.5 OMR7am- 8pmYesYesUpdated September, 2017


12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools Locations


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  • Reply Emma September 11, 2016 at 2344

    Are any of the pools good for lane swimming?
    If you want to keep fit whilst visiting Oman this would be good to know.

    • Reply D. Michael September 18, 2016 at 0835

      Your question sparked my memory and I forgot to include one pool many people don’t know is accessible to the public: Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex pool. This is an Olympic size swimming pool, and the only one the general public has access to that can support lane swimming. I will edit the list above once I confirm it is still open to the public. Now I have to go for a drive.
      Thank you for your question.

      • Reply D. Michael September 22, 2016 at 0930

        Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex is not open to visitors, only residents. Also there is no day pass available. I’ve included it in the post above incase any residents stumble upon this list, but I did not fully include it in the list because it is outside the scope of this post (pools in the muscat area that visitors can swim at). Thanks again.

  • Reply Hal Mcgoff October 17, 2016 at 0819

    My wife and I checked out the pool at the Radisson BLU using this guide. It turned out to be a great day. Thanks for the info.

  • Reply Baiju February 25, 2017 at 1222

    Park Inn hotel Muscat has a nice rooftop swimming pool with a panoromic view of the city from the bar. Check it out!

    • Reply D. Michael February 26, 2017 at 1835

      Thanks Baiju, but do you know if it’s possible to swim as an outside guest?

  • Reply Gibin March 13, 2017 at 1709


    Could you kindly share the contact details of Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex . I would like to have a membership.
    What is the procedure for the membership?

    Thanks ,

    • Reply D. Michael March 14, 2017 at 1154

      Hi Gibin, the complex is run by the government so information is difficult to obtain, and the procedure is unclear because I haven’t done it myself. There is a link above to their Facebook page, and I suggest going to the complex and speaking to the guard at the pedestrian gate (map at the link). He will point you in the right direction, but be sure to bring your residence card. (maybe your will need passport photos, copies…. if you are a resident here you know the routine) Thanks for the question, and good luck.

  • Reply D. Michael May 23, 2017 at 1037

    Cool App guys! I hope I can get credit for my list :)

  • Reply Jo June 8, 2017 at 2313

    Fantastic list – back in the olden days I perfected the art of the front crawl in the PDO pool and the Intercon pool. Glad to read I can still go for a nostalgic paddle at the Intercon!

    • Reply D. Michael June 9, 2017 at 1537

      Yes you can! Thanks for your comment.

  • Reply Ashkan September 10, 2018 at 1156

    Hello with all due respect . I am lifeguard from iran how can i work in oman (great country)? I can teach swim very well .

    • Reply D. Michael October 8, 2018 at 1235

      Hi Ashkan, I have no idea. I suggest you contact the hotels and ask what manpower companies they use. Then you can contact them with your credentials. Good luck.

  • Reply Marco October 1, 2018 at 2235

    I’m new in Oman and looking for a swimming club , I was looking but couldn’t find .
    I’m living in Mawaleh, near the Holiday inn .
    Maybe you can help me.

    • Reply D. Michael October 8, 2018 at 1244

      Hi Marco, I don’t know of any swim clubs. Everyplace is a hotel pool. The best place for that is probably the Sultan Qaboos Sports Stadium.

  • Reply Kaviala January 25, 2019 at 0124

    Hey Michael,

    I saw you wrote this in 2016 and updated it in 2017. But is still relevant? I am planning a visit in march and i would like to visit one or two pools.

    Thanks in advance

    • Reply D. Michael February 5, 2019 at 2155

      Hi Kaviala, It’s still relevant for sure. Please let me know how you rate the pools. Happy swimming.

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