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Sultanate Ep 008: Adventure Travel in Oman

September 5, 2016

Adventure Travel in Oman

There are so many opportunities for adventure travel in Oman. Rock climbing, abseiling, caving, canyoning, via ferrata, hiking, and off-road driving are just a few adventurous activities practiced in the sultanate. One man, who has been to all of the great places, is Justin Halls.

Adventure Travel in OmanJustin Halls is a Senior Instructor with Muscat Adventure Center, and basically he takes clients to wonderfully beautiful places in Oman that you can not access without special knowledge, training, or equipment. He’s the man when it comes to adventure travel in Oman.

In this episode of the Sultanate, I sit down with Justin to discuss the places that are currently open to adventure travel in Oman, including what we can expect from Oman in the future. We discuss canyoning in Wadi Tab and Snake Canyon; caving in the 7th Hole Cave and al Hoota Cave; abseiling off Jebal Shams; and climbing the Jebal Shams via ferrata.

I finish the conversation by asking Justin to share with us his idea of the best way to see Oman, using his ten years of experience traveling around the sultanate. So, join Justin and I as we travel beyond the tourist route to see Oman’s hidden beauty.

Episode Glossary

There are a few words used in this episode that not all listeners will understand, and that’s okay, because I have a handy glossary right here:

  • Abseil – (v) to descend a steep slope or vertical drop using a rope secured from above – sometimes called rappel in North America.
  • Khareef – (n) the name of the wet monsoonal flow that affects the Dhofar region of Oman.
  • Via ferrata – (n) a protected climbing route that often includes a cable secured to the rock every 1-10 meters and allows safe climbing without the use of a rope.
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