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Sultanate Ep 010: Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Oman

November 5, 2016

9 Things You Didn't Know About Oman

When we travel and experience new places and cultures, inevitably we compare what is in front of us to what we know. Some things we easily understand, some we disagree with, other thing we even find funny. Being exposed to different ideas and experiences ultimately makes us better humans.

Today, after six years of residency in Oman, I am still finding new and exciting observations in this wonderful place. During this episode of the Sultanate I take you on an audio tour and share with you “Nine Things You didn’t Know About Oman.” I teach you about honey wagons, construction, religion, mushkak, car horns, backwards water faucets, afalaj, the ocean, and of course, the weather.

So, come along and join me as we search for the interesting things in the sultanate.

Sultanate Ep 010: Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Oman Links
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