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SalamAir: Oman’s Low Cost Airline

January 16, 2017

Salam Air, SalamAir, Oman AirIn two weeks SalamAir will begin flight operations between Muscat and Salalah as Oman’s first low cost carrier. Government projections show air traffic demand to increase 40% by 2019, making SalamAir’s emergence well timed. However, increased capacity isn’t the only thing benefitting travelers. Increased competition and having a greater choice in airlines both stand out.

SalamAir’s near goals are to operate flights to three destinations from Muscat International Airport using Airbus A320 aircraft. The first aircraft is ready and waiting at MCT and will begin flights to Salalah on January 30, 2017. Flights between Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport will commence February 15, 2017 with two daily flights. However, operations to Jeddah, another destination mentioned during SalamAir’s launch, has no set start date.

Operating as a low cost carrier focusing on domestic air travel could be the right combination for SalamAir. During the 2-3 month Khareef season in Salalah, 2016, eighty eight thousand passengers used Oman Air domestic flights. Demand is only going up. Pair that with a difficult economic climate, and SalamAir looks well placed at the right time.


Oman Tourist GuideSalamAir has fantastic prices. Round trip from Muscat to Salalah is about 30 OMR ($78 USD). That’s fantastic compared to Oman Air who can get you to Salalah and back for about 67 OMR ($174 USD). I expect Oman Air to run promotions during the Khareef offering deep discounts to steal back some local travelers. However, we must remember that SalamAir is a low cost carrier, and the 30 OMR ticket price will surely increase to check any luggage, add weight allowance, order a meal, and reserve a seat.

Oman eVisaOther airlines in the region, both low cost and normal, operating similar legs to Dubai, Muscat, and Salalah include: Air Arabia, Etihad, Emirates, flyDubai, Oman Air, Rotana Jet, and Qatar Airways. Nobody is beating SalamAir on price. It’s not even close, even if you pay to check a bag.

SalamAir’s nearest international rival is flyDubai who has more daily flight on their Dubai/Muscat route. flyDubai’s normal cost to between Dubal and Muscat is about 68 OMR ($177 USD), but you can often book promotional deals for around 40 OMR ($104 USD). Compare that to SalamAir selling tickets starting at 30 OMR ($78 USD). I expect flyDubai to offer deeper promotions if SalamAir manages to take some of flyDubai’s market share.


What all this means to you is now you have another option for traveling to, from, and around Oman. There are more flights available to you and at a cheaper price. Options that were budget limiting before like flying to Salalah versus driving are now open to consideration. You can even get more creative when traveling to Oman from overseas.

Often times Emirates runs really good sales, but only to/from Dubai, and the Muscat connection kills most savings. Now you can consider flying to Dubai on the sale ticket, staying one night or more to checkout the city, and continuing to Muscat with a budget carrier. All the while keeping your ticket costs under the price of a normally priced ticket with one of the full service carriers.

At the end of the day competition and more choice are good for the traveler, and I am happy to see Oman looking forward.

SalamAir Schedule

Flight NumberFrequencyFrom/Departure TimeTo/Arrival Time
OV001Mon, Wed, FriMCT/0835SLL/1020
OV001Tue, Thu, Sat, SunMCT/0730SLL/0915
OV112Mon, Wed, Fri, SunMCT/1645SLL/1830
OV122Tue, ThuMCT/1645SLL/1830
OV002Mon, Wed, FriSLL/1200MCT/1345
OV113Tue, Thu, SatSLL/1005MCT/1150

Do you think you will fly with SalamAir during your next vacation? Leave me a comment below:

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  • Reply Camilla January 26, 2017 at 1258

    Do you know what the cost of checking a bag will be? Thank you, I enjoy the site.

    • Reply D. Michael January 26, 2017 at 1332

      Hi Camilla,
      Yes, you can add a checked bag, up to 20 kg, for the Salalah route for 6 OMR on each leg.
      How long will you be in Salalah?
      Thanks for the question.

  • Reply Joe April 29, 2018 at 1213

    I found online so much bad information about Salam Air so I’m hesitant to use it. I don’t think I wil be using it becuase I read way too many bad reviews online. I was hoping to go to Georgia, but I can’t be in a situation where my flight gets delayed by 48 hours!

    • Reply D. Michael May 24, 2018 at 1014

      Can you share the details of the bad news? I have no affiliation with the company although I met them when they first launch to try to do some work with them. I found them to be VERY disorganized.

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