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SalamAir Expanding

May 17, 2017

salam air, salamair expanding, new routes, Multan, Sialkot, Pakistan, Jeddah, Medina, Saudi Arabia, OmanSalamAir, Oman’s only low cost carrier, is spreading their wings and broadening their horizons since their launch. It’s exciting! So what does the new schedule look like?

We see an addition of flights to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, along with an extra flight daily to Salalah. All this is thanks to two more aircraft called Fateh Al Khair and Kahf Al Hoota, coming into service after the initial launch aircraft named Samahram. All aircraft are leased from LATAM Airlines Brazil, and average ten years of service.

Salam Air, SalamAir, Oman AirThe Airbus A320s ferry passengers to Jeddah daily and Medina three times per week in Saudi. Beyond the gulf in Pakistan, Multan and Sialkot are scheduled three times per week each as well, opening up the Punjab province to Pakistani expatiates. These four new destinations expand SalamAir’s reach generously.

While Karachi is part of the airline’s planed expansion into Pakistan, the port city fell off the books for this round of growth. In addition to the Karachi destination, Taif in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the wishlist. As well as a shift from DWC to DXB airport for the Dubai flight. That was supposed to happen in March 2017, however DWC is quietly still on the schedule.

If SalamAir can fill these aircraft on their schedule, it could be the start of something more. Fuel prices are down, demand is up, and the economy is screaming for a low cost carrier like SalamAir. Just look at flyDubai, SalamAir’s nearest competitor. They are experiencing huge growth, and SalamAir stands ready to tuck into a piece of that pie.

The litmus test comes this summer for the fledgling airline. Ramadan brings a demand for religious pilgrimage to Medina and hopefully Taif. As well as the summer tourist season in Salalah for the Khareef, monsoon season.

All I need to do now is hop onboard to see what kind of service they offer.

Which city should I visit with SalamAir? Let me know in the comments below:


SalamAir’s Updated Schedule

Flight NumberFrequencyFrom/Departure TimeTo/Arrival Time
OV115Mon, Wed, Fri, SunMCT/0810JED/1025
OV002Tue, Thu, SatMCT/1320JED/1600
OV116Mon, Wed, Fri, SunJED/1125MCT/1545
OV114Tue, Thu, SatJED/1655MCT/2115
OV123Tue, ThuMCT/0850MED/1100
OV124Tue, ThuMED/1150MCT/1605
OV201Tue, SunMCT/2355MUX/0330
OV202Mon, WedMUX/0450MCT/0635
OV253Tue, Sat, SunMCT/2300SKT/0300
OV254Mon, Wed, SunSKT/0415MCT/0635
OV008Mon, Tue, Fri, SunMCT/0835DWC/0950
OV102Mon, Tue, Fri, SunDWC/1040MCT/1145


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