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13 Instagrams in Oman to Inspire You

October 31, 2017

13 Instagrams in Oman to Inspire YouThere are countless users on Instagram featuring beautiful images of Oman. However, I thought I’d put a list together featuring the 13 Instagramers in Oman that inspire me the most. These accounts will make you want to drop what you are doing and book those tickets to Oman, or (if you are already here) get out and explore the backroads and alleys.

So, who made the cut? A good Instagramer that I enjoy most will feature these key characteristics:

  1. instagrams in OmanClean, well composed images.
  2. Storytelling images, often in series or across the grid.
  3. Features images with sense of place.
  4. A common style or voice.
  5. No abrupt images on the grid that disrupt the flow (watermarks, banners, logos, text)

So, below you will find humble, yet stunning Instagramers in Oman that sing the beauty and creativity of this wonderful country. You will not find a popularity contest.

If you’ve come this far already you should probably take a minute and follow my Instagram account if you haven’t done so already, @beyondtheroute. I update regularly, so have a look…

Now, on to the list:

13 Instagrams in Oman to Inspire You

top instagramers in oman,

We start off with Ellie who was born in the UAE and has fond memories from her childhood spent visiting Oman’s diverse landscape. Add to that her art and design studies, and it’s no wonder Ellie’s Instagram stands out from others on the web. Ellie now lives in Oman with her husband and the pair are often found looking for new and remote camping spots in their 100 series Land Cruiser. I follow Ellie so I can spy on any new locations they find ;)

top instagramers in oman, zuhair_alsiyabi, zuhair al siyabi2. zuhair_alsiyabi

Zuhair al Siyabi is an Omani freelance photographer with a stunning set of images on his Instagram. A quick view shows a wide range of images across all parts of Oman, but the things that stand out to me are great light and good use of the galleries. So, be sure to swipe his sets. I particularly like the human moments captured across the sultanate.

Amman Al Adawi, top instagramers in oman, omanaladawi,3. omanaladawi

Oman Al Adawi is another born and raised local with a strong showing. Oman prefers landscape images and seems to always find the clouds. How do you find so many clouds Oman? I can’t wait to see what shows up next.

top instagramers in oman, neilwalton_, neil walton4. neilwalton_

Neil Walton is the only Instagramer to make the list who doesn’t reside in the sultanate. However, that’s ok. We will take him because Neil has wonderful set of images on his page. I like the variety between the wide shots and details along with the feeling that helps tell the story about Oman’s epic outdoor life. Neil tells me he’s a professional photographer in Dubai and is using this account and images to build work on the tourism side of the business. Good luck Neil, and think about leaving Dubai and moving to Oman! I know, I am biased.

top instagramers in oman, haitham.shanfari, haitham al shanfari5. haitham.shanfari

Haitham al Shanfari shoots a very narrow topic, but its a good one… wildlife in Dhofar. All I can say is WOW, WOW, and WOW. You must check him out because Haitham captures moments you don’t normally see, even if you are looking. I need to say I bent the rules a little to include this page on the list because Haitham uses a very small watermark on his images. I think the quality of the images make up for that, but Haitham, if you are reading this, remove those watermarks and your images will feel infinitely better.

Rasid al Jabri, top instagramers in oman, shedi_236. shedi_23

Rasid al Jabri shares with us another narrow topic in Oman, but this time it’s rock climbing. A lot of the images are fun and whimsical which I appreciate. Just a good solid page about the outdoor life in Oman. Check it out.

Imran Zahid, top instagramers in oman, imrzahid,7. imrzahid

Imran Zahid is an Instagramer with images from around Oman that feel purposeful and well composed. There are themes that reoccur across his grid that make this page stand out. They include framing subjects in doorways and the neutral tones. These two themes make his work float higher among the hyperrealistic landscape images that are sadly in vogue across the inter-webs.

top instagramers in oman, f_kindi, fahad al kindi8. f_kindi

Number 8 is where we take a shift from the highly controlled images to the found moments of documentary style photography. Fahad al Kindi brings us through the back alleys of Oman to view local life from a different point of view. This is the real Oman with its own beauty and charm. Note for the Ministry of Tourism: there’s nothing to see here, move along.

top instagramers in oman, niredray, erin yard9. niredray

Continuing on in the documentary style with this Instagramer in Oman, however this time in the port city of Sur. Erin Yard employs his iPhone nicely to capture black and white moments that are well composed. Erin tells me that he prefers to work in black and white because it helps tie all his images together, but there are moments in Oman that burst with color. He also gives good advice to folks shooting in Oman, “to be sensitive and aware of what and who can be photographed.” Good advice Erin.

Basma al Jabri , top instagramers in oman, damooh94,10. damooh94

We proceed beyond the route through Instagramers in Oman with Basma al Jabri who’s goal is to “show people through my photos that beauty is everywhere, even if it is on the neighborhood street where you live.” I think she hits the nail on the head and shows us some interesting view across the sultanate.

top instagramers in oman, robertstephenthompson, robert stephen thompson11. robertstephenthompson

If I had to use only one word to describe Robert Thompson’s Instagram I’d have to say, random. I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. It’s funky, it’s weird, it’s clashing, it’s lovely. Have a look, and let me know if you are getting what I am putting down… or not.

top instagramers in oman, ibn_waqar, Ali Waqar12. ibn_waqar

We shift gears again with this next Instagramer in Oman, Ali Waqar a mixed Omani-American teenager and aspiring artist. Ali’s goal is “to establish dialogue between the West and the Middle East,” through “[showing] the truth of our homelands, the pain and the beauty, the good and the bad.”  The conversation has started Ali, and we are listening. Thanks for sharing.

top instagramers in oman, hayyanart13. hayyanart

Finally, but definitely not least, I present to you an Instagramer that features no photographs whatsoever. Instead, hayyanart is a series of cartoons covering various topics in Oman. Fair warning, none of the words used in the artwork are in English, but like with any good art the message is clear without the need for words. Some images are nationalistic and feature messages about HM Sultan Qaboos, others cover social issues like driving safe.

Instagramers in OmanReader’s Choice Bonus

Do you or somebody you follow have an inspiring Instagram about Oman that makes the cut? I want to hear about it here, and if I agree I’ll add them as a bonus to the 13 Instagramers above. Leave the link below in the comments and a short description why you think it deserves a place on this list. :)


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  • Reply ian November 2, 2017 at 1608

    Great selection, added a bunch of them. Mine’s just getting going, and not all Oman, but can be found here:

    • Reply D. Michael November 2, 2017 at 2205

      Thanks for the suggestion Ian.

  • Reply Nouf November 8, 2017 at 2146

    Everyday they post a beautiful photographs from Muscat

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      Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Reply Nikki December 6, 2017 at 2108

    A trully authentic character, everyday is an adventure with Salem!

    • Reply D. Michael December 7, 2017 at 0205

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Reply Hussain September 25, 2018 at 2104

    Thanks the recommendation brother.. will be more than happy to check @shabek,, have many good photographs of Oman ✌🏼

    • Reply D. Michael October 8, 2018 at 1242

      Thanks Hussain.

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