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Sultanate Ep 026: Audio Postcard – Mazyunah

March 10, 2018

Oman is full of exciting places to explore. Places like our lush canyons and soft deserts. However, this excitement doesn’t just reside in far flung and off-road locations. Most of these interesting places are right in front of us like the town of Mazyunah.

Of course, Mazyunah isn’t really an easy place to reach, or on the normal tourist route; but it is an accessible town nonetheless. Mazyunah is located on the border with Yemen and there really aren’t many reasons to be passing through for obvious reasons.

Mazyunah Unlike Others

World's Tallest Dune, Fahad Alabri, Ramlat Jadilah, Dhofar, Oman, Empty Quarter, Rub al KhaliI’ve passed through Mazyunah twice during my travels, the most recent being with my mate Fahad Alabri on our epic journey to handstand the world’s tallest dune. Both visits left me with huge smiles on my face.

You see, Mazyunah is a town along Oman’s border with Yemen. This proximity helps it to be wild, fresh, chaotic, and what I believe Oman to be like not too long ago. I relish both my visits to Mazyunah because they were unpredictable and surprising, unlike most of the little towns that dot the countryside. Mazyunah is definitely worth scheduling more time on my next visit down south so I can capture more of this unfettered reality.

Put on your headphones because I take you into the heart of Mazyunah for this month’s episode of the Sultanate via a new format, the audio postcard. It’s not a permeant change to Sultanate, but let me know if you like it in the comments below.

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