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Sultanate Ep 028: Audio Postcard – Ibri

May 10, 2018

This month I am sending you an audio postcard from the town of Ibri at the animal market.

One of the popular activities tourists do in Oman is visit the animal market in Nizwa on Friday. While this is nice to do, it gets overrun by tourists at times. What people don’t know is these animal markets happen all over Oman in the major towns. So, it’s not just unique to Nizwa.

ibri animal souqThe Ibri market happens on Saturdays, and as you can hear is very lively. The buyers stand on the outer perimeter of the shaded pen. While the sellers circle in the middle calling out their asking price for their cows, goats, sheep, and camels.

At anytime a buyer can stop and inspect an animal or start negotiating.

Unique Ibri

What I like about visiting less known animal markets is the locals aren’t too used to foreigners and tend to be more receptive of your curiosity, but maybe that’s just me. So, wether it’s Nizwa, Ibri, Rustaq, or Sinaw a visit to an Omani animal market makes for a fun morning.

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