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Sultanate Ep 030: Oman’s Climate – Best Time to Visit

July 10, 2018

oman's climate, the best time to visit oman

The best time to visit Oman is… well, it depends on a lot of factors. The climate and weather being the most significant.

Just like the British, it seems us Omani residents discuss the weather, a lot. Usually it’s something like, “It’s really hot today,” or “Wow, the humidity came out of nowhere.”

There is no hiding the fact that Oman is a hot, desert country. We are within the tropic latitudes, and hold a portion of worlds largest sand desert within our boundaries. High temperatures are in the forecast no matter how you look at it. However, the climate or weather shouldn’t deter you from visiting.

In this episode of the Sultanate I discuss the different climate regions of Oman and give my opinions on the best times to visit Oman.

When is the Best Time to Visit Oman?

It depends…

Generally the winter has better overall weather. However, you might find it a little crowded, and hotel prices more expensive. On the other hand, summer is good since we nearly devoid of crowds (apart from Salalah), and the mountains are in full harvest colors. The down side is the warmer (hot) temperatures.

My picks for the best times to visit Oman.

General Tourism

November. Surprised by this? While December and January are good times to visit, you will be totally disappointed by the dead, brown farms up Jebel Akhdar. If you can handle a little bit of heat, you will be rewarded.


Winter. Even at altitude in the winter you will probably find yourself overly warm from all the physical activity. Wintertime also opens up the opportunities to do multi-day coastal hikes with peasant, comfortable bivouacs.


Summer. Probably another surprise recommendation on this list. It’s amazing how a little water and shade can make you shiver, even in the dead of summer. Keep canyoning for the summer. I think I’ll make that a bumpersticker.

seventh hole, 7th hole, oman, caving, twenty3 extreme, 23 extremeCaving

Anytime. The underground temperature remains constant despite the outside temperature.


Winter. However, I want to stress that you can camp all year round with some caveats. Coastal camping is possible along the central coast in the summer, but you will have wind and humid conditions. Also, mountain camping is prime during the summer.

Sharqiya Sands, Wahiba Sands, OmanOff-road

Winter. I prefer sand driving at this time of the year. Obviously the temperatures are more comfortable, but they are also more safe with less health risk. Summertime also brings big winds in the sand deserts making driving conditions hazardous.


June, July, and August are really the only times for kitesurfing in Oman. Sure you can get lucky with enough wind to fly the kite other times, just not like the consistency that come with the monsoon flow.

Rock Climbing

Winter. At least that’s when the local guys hang out at the crag. This really boils down to your preference. Personally I don’t mind the heat, and enjoy waking early to get in a half day of climbing before the sun hits the crag.surfing oman, joe's point, Arabian Sea Motel


June, July, and August are again the best months to find waves in Oman, thanks to the summer winds.

Salalah (Dhofar)

Personally, I prefer the period after the Khareef (September – December) with the green hills and clear skies. You can also find amazingly crisp and rich sunsets in December and January. Something you will never see during the Khareef. One the other had, the cloudy cool mist is also beautiful in it’s own way. I just prefer not to camp in warm, muggy weather.

So these are my picks for the best time to visit Oman. I want to stress that you can find plenty of things to do and see here during the summer. Don’t let the high temperatures scare you away.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have and opinion on the best time to visit Oman, or a weather related travel story from Oman? I want hear it. Leave me a note in the comments below.
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