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12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

August 28, 2016

12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

Summers are long in Oman, May through September, and the heat can still continue outside of this period. Even if the temperature isn’t hot, you can expect a considerable amount of sun. Perfect for sunbathing, and laying out by the pool. Muscat has a number of swimming pools in the area that you can enjoy, even if you are not a hotel guest. Below is my list of 12 Muscat area swimming Pools to cool you down and keep you entertained for an afternoon.  Continue Reading

Beach Hiking Oman Podcast Sultanate

Sultanate Ep 006: As Sifah Secret Beach

July 5, 2016

One of the qualities I like most about Oman is the small population. You can be 20 minutes outside of Muscat and find yourself, seemingly, the only person for miles. This seclusion gives you the feeling of owning a piece of Oman for yourself, even if it’s just for an afternoon. One such place that makes me the sultan of my own kingdom is As Sifah Secret Beach.

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13 Ways to Beat the Heat in Oman

June 13, 2016

How to beat the heat in OmanOman is hot! As I write this post, at night, it’s 37 degrees Celsius (98 Fahrenheit). Yikes, that is hot. But it’s only hot in the summer (May-September), and there are many fun way to beat the heat if you do decide to visit during the hot season. Below are my 13 way to beat the heat in Oman. Continue Reading

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Bantawt, Khaluf Beach

April 1, 2016

I recently re-visited Khaluf Beach, and I have to say Khaluf Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Oman, and a place that will excite and calm you.

Khaluf is a 50km stretch of sea front located about 450km south of Muscat and consist of calm protected water, white sugar dunes, rocky outcroppings, and sleepy fishing villages. Continue Reading