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  • oman, covid-19
    Culture News Oman

    The Cost of COVID-19

    I find it very interesting how all this COVID-19 stuff  is panning out. Sure, Oman is affected by the virus like most places in the world. As I write this we have 503 cases/million…

    May 3, 2020
  • Ashura, Oman, Muttrah
    Culture Oman Podcast Sultanate

    Sultanate Ep 031: Ashura

     Ashura is a significant occasion for all Muslims, but it is particularly important for Muslims practicing the Shia branch of Islam. Little known to outsiders, Shias in Oman quietly observe this occasion openly…

    October 10, 2018
  • learn arabic in oman, Omani colloquial greetings
    Culture Oman

    Omani Greetings, 10 Ways

    Greetings in Oman are so important because, relationships are built over these simple interactions. Westerners often times don’t understand this importance. That’s why I recommend you learn a few phrases in Arabic and use…

    February 10, 2018