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RAF Venom Crash

March 15, 2017

On August 30, 1958, Flight Lt Owen Watkinson of the British Royal Air Force crashed his De Havilland Venom onto the Saiq Plateau of Jebal Akhdar, Oman. For many years this crash was thought to be a fallen Huey helicopter by the locals, but thanks to research by Professor Laurence Garey, we now know more. What was a British fighter/bomber doing in Omani airspace? Why did it crash? Continue Reading

News Oman

Toxic Oman?

February 21, 2017

Toxic OmanRecently, a blog run by a UK based company called The Eco Experts published a post ranking the “most ‘toxic’ countries in the world”. Oman ranked 6th. Of course, in today’s media we don’t fact check or care about creditable sources. So, Charles Clark from Business Insider basically republished The Eco Experts’ misleading post, and in a way legitimized a claim from a company who is in the business of selling windows, water heaters, and solar panels for profit. Not scientific research. Continue Reading