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  • Salmah Plateau, Oman
    Off-Road Oman Sights

    Salmah Plateau

    The Salmah Plateau is located in the Eastern Hajar mountains, and if you have been to the Western Hajar mountains you will notice a striking difference. Here the hills form a gentler landscape that is mostly…

    May 29, 2016
  • Bantawat, Khaluf Beach
    Beach Oman Sights

    Bantawt, Khaluf Beach

    I recently re-visited Khaluf Beach, and I have to say Khaluf Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Oman, and a place that will excite and calm you. Khaluf is a 50km stretch of…

    April 1, 2016
  • Fun Things to Buy at Muttrah Souq
    Oman Shopping Sights

    6 Fun Things to Buy at Muttrah Souq

    There are so many things one can buy at Muttrah Souq, some items are traditional, and some are just fun.  Muttrah Souq has become a little touristy lately thanks to the large number of cruise ships…

    February 22, 2016
  • The Rock Garden, Oman
    Geography Oman Sights

    The Rock Garden

    So, I like interesting things, and one of the most interesting geographical wonders in Oman is the Rock Garden located in Duqm. What is so interesting about the Rock Garden? Well, for starters it is like…

    February 13, 2016