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5 Reasons Oman is the Safest Country to Visit

October 10, 2016

5 Reasons Oman is the Safest Country to VisitThe World Economic Forum recently published their Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015 which is chock-full of data from 141 nations and how they rank against each other for travel. Oliver Smith from The Telegraph wrote an article a few days ago titled: “Mapped: The world’s safest countries – Saudi Arabia and Rwanda beat the UK.” In this article Mr. Smith points out the 62 other nations that beat out the United Kingdom in the Safety and Security section of the report. The Sultanate of Oman with a ranking of nine, is one of them. I’ve been saying it for years, “Oman is the safest country to visit,” here’s why. Continue Reading

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How to Use GPX / KML Files

September 15, 2016

How to Use GPX / KML FilesOne of the most frustrating things I find about traveling is navigating unfamiliar streets. A lot of the times it is fun getting lost and finding sights that you otherwise wouldn’t see. However, when you are trying navigate to that obscure, yet tasty, pad thai noodle house in Bangkok you found on a local food blogger’s website, it can get a bit frustrating to say the least when it’s not where you though it was. My friend Sarah and I had many nights like this on our epic two month long backpack trip through Asia. Continue Reading

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12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

August 28, 2016

12 Muscat Area Swimming Pools

Summers are long in Oman, May through September, and the heat can still continue outside of this period. Even if the temperature isn’t hot, you can expect a considerable amount of sun. Perfect for sunbathing, and laying out by the pool. Muscat has a number of swimming pools in the area that you can enjoy, even if you are not a hotel guest. Below is my list of 12 Muscat area swimming Pools to cool you down and keep you entertained for an afternoon.  Continue Reading


Traveling Light: What’s In My Travel Bag?

August 18, 2016

Traveling light opens a whole new world of traveling. For me, traveling light allows me to move freely, unobstructed by things in my hands or heavy weight on my shoulders. This found freedom allows me to focus on the environment around me, absorb the sights and sound, and focus my camera. To get to this level of freedom, you must travel light.

Traveling light takes a whole new approach to packing that includes thought and sacrifice. Below I show you my traveling light tricks to keeping a small, light, and enjoyable travel experience. It all starts with my main pack. Continue Reading