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D. MichaelSultanate is a podcast where we discover new and exciting destinations within the Sultanate of Oman that are beyond the tourist route; as well as finding unique ways to enjoy the Omani hospitality like a local.

I love Oman, and the Sultanate podcast is my baby, the catalyst for this whole website. At the time I developed the podcast there weren’t a whole lot of entertaining travel podcasts available. There were a few interview podcasts about the travel industry, but none about one specific place.

Every month I take you along with me to discover something new and interesting about Oman. The format changes from adventure documentary like my trip to the ‘Rub’ al Khali,’ to interview style like in the episode ‘What to Wear as a Visitor to Oman.’ Whatever is required to convey the message or adventure.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join me, D. Michael, as I take you around the Sultanate to share with you what I love most about Oman. Click here to subscribe to the feed:

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