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Traveling Light: What’s In My Travel Bag?

August 18, 2016

Traveling light opens a whole new world of traveling. For me, traveling light allows me to move freely, unobstructed by things in my hands or heavy weight on my shoulders. This found freedom allows me to focus on the environment around me, absorb the sights and sound, and focus my camera. To get to this level of freedom, you must travel light.

Traveling light takes a whole new approach to packing that includes thought and sacrifice. Below I show you my traveling light tricks to keeping a small, light, and enjoyable travel experience. It all starts with my main pack. Continue Reading

Oman Podcast Sultanate

Sultanate Ep 003: What to Wear as a Visitor to Oman and Cultural Respect

April 5, 2016

what to wear as a visitor to oman

What to wear as a visitor to Oman?

This is probably the number one question I am asked about Oman. Well actually, the question is probably more like, “are women all fully covered in Oman?” I love this question because it lets me speak about the great things that go on here, and how Oman doesn’t fit the western stereotype of the Middle East. It also opens door for me to relate Oman back to the curious traveler who asked the question with advice on what to wear as a visitor to Oman. Continue Reading