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Sultanate Ep 013: Traveler Interviews

February 6, 2017

Most of you read this website and listen to the Sultanate podcast because of the information that I provide, but this project isn’t about me. It’s about filling a gap in the travel information for independent travelers to Oman. In other words it’s about YOU! While, I am the conduit for good information from my point of view, I do realize that my view is just that… mine. Continue Reading

Oman Podcast Sultanate

Sultanate Ep 003: What to Wear as a Visitor to Oman and Cultural Respect

April 5, 2016

what to wear as a visitor to oman

What to wear as a visitor to Oman?

This is probably the number one question I am asked about Oman. Well actually, the question is probably more like, “are women all fully covered in Oman?” I love this question because it lets me speak about the great things that go on here, and how Oman doesn’t fit the western stereotype of the Middle East. It also opens door for me to relate Oman back to the curious traveler who asked the question with advice on what to wear as a visitor to Oman. Continue Reading


11 Podcasts I Listen To

March 22, 2016

11 Podcasts I Listen toHere are 11 podcasts I listen to. Podcasts are very popular nowadays thanks to amazing content like the podcast Serial. Personally I have been enjoying podcasts since 2008 so I can safely say that I am a pre-Serial fan. I can even remember intently watching Steve Jobs highlighting a podcasting feature in GarageBand way back in 2006, and checking it out for myself. Continue Reading

Oman Podcast Sultanate

Sultanate Ep 001: Introduction to Oman

February 5, 2016

Oman Travel Podcast: Introduction to Oman

Planning a trip to Oman? Start right here for a traveler’s introduction to Oman.

In this episode I sit down with my good buddy Jonty for an introduction to the Sultanate of Oman. Jonty has been an expat in Oman, off and on, for the past 35 years!  So how does a Brit stay so long in Oman? Well, Jonty moved to the sultanate as a small child with his parents and was raised here. Leaving to study in europe as a teen, he later returned to be closer to his family and gain employment. His most recent stint in the sultanate has been for the last nine years.  Continue Reading