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Sultanate Ep 006: As Sifah Secret Beach

July 5, 2016

One of the qualities I like most about Oman is the small population. You can be 20 minutes outside of Muscat and find yourself, seemingly, the only person for miles. This seclusion gives you the feeling of owning a piece of Oman for yourself, even if it’s just for an afternoon. One such place that makes me the sultan of my own kingdom is As Sifah Secret Beach.

As Sifah Secret Beach

Overview: Quiet, soft, white, sandy beach that could be all yours!
Time: 50 minutes each direction
Length: 1.6 km
Difficulty: Easy, however some rock hopping ability required as no trail is present.
Dist. from Muscat: 57 km

I took Lady M to As Sifah Secret Beach for a nice afternoon swim, not once; but twice during our travels recently. And in this episode of the Sultanate we discuss the exceptional qualities that make As Sifah Secret Beach our favorite place to have a private, peaceful swim in the greater Muscat area.

Lady M is probably better known as Emma France to most. The two of us met at a friend’s wedding in the Summer of 2015 in the Allgäu area of Germany. Lady M works for a children’s book publisher and lives in sunny London. (Currently we are touring my home town of San Clemente, where there are no secret beaches at all!)

After our discussion of As Sifah Secret Beach, Lady M also gives us a first hand report on the new Omani eVisa system, and how it can be best utilized on your travels to Oman. She concludes by giving us a great tip to employ when entering our details into the online eVisa system.

As Sifah Secret BeachSo, join Lady M and myself for this episode of the Sultanate as we share with you our private beach.

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As Sifah Secret Beach Map


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