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Sultanate Ep 014: Paramotoring Oman

March 5, 2017

Paramotoring has quietly been around for a few years in Oman, but the new kids on the block, SkySchool, bring it to the next level.

paramotoring oman, skyschool oman, d michael, seth royceIn this episode of the Sultanate I meet up with Seth Royce, who manages SkySchool Oman. He gives me the lowdown on what this crazy sport is all about, how he got involved with paramotoring, and what kind of experience one can expect when flying in Oman.

Seth is a long time traveler but recent expat in Oman. You can feel the excietment in his voice when he describes his first experiences in the country through the purview of paramotoring, and his lust for more.

So, join me as I take you down to al Sawadi Beach, and up in the air with Seth to see Oman from a truly unique angle.

paramotoring oman, skyschool omanSultanate Ep 014: Paramotoring Oman Links
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