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Sultanate Ep 015: Seventh Hole, Caving in Oman

April 7, 2017

I’ve done canyoning, climbing, off-roading, hiking, flying, but there’s one thing I haven’t done in Oman. Caving! Probably the best cave chamber to visit is the Canyon Room, accessed from the Seventh Hole on the Salmah PlateauOf course, the pinnacle of caving in Oman is Majlis al Jinn, but it’s off limits by government order. So, this is the next best thing. However it’s far from disappointing.

seventh hole, 7th hole, oman, caving, twenty3 extreme, 23 extremeSeventh Hole

The Seventh Hole derives it’s name from being the 7th hole, or access point, found on the plateau. These seven holes access Oman’s largest surveyed cave system. There are literally miles of passageways and chambers carved through the soft limestone, hidden below the surface. It’s very fascinating, and something I only learned about on this most recent trip.

I joined twenty3 extreme for this particular journey because I know nothing about caving or have the experience to safley navigate Oman’s underworld. I needed a guide and they were going with an open group.

twenty3 extreme is Oman’s newest outdoor adventure company, offering guided experiences to the sultanate’s most supreme locations. So I was excited to meet them and to see what they had on offer. Besides caving, they offer canyoning, hiking, via ferrata, and kayaking; all with qualified guides.

seventh hole, 7th hole, oman, caving, twenty3 extreme, 23 extremeThis particular trip requires nine hours of training, which we all completed as a group. Senior Instructor Joe Daniels made sure we obtained the required skills to safely complete our journey. All the time and effort to prepare was worth it, as the trip is amazing.

So, join me as we abseil into the Seventh Hole, explore deep underground in the bowels of the Salmah Plateau, and claw our way back to the surface.

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